Digits 7 Casino offers many bonuses and advantages for online and mobile players, including the six-tier VIP Club. All players are invited to become members of the Club and start at the Depositor level, where they receive a welcome reel chip and daily free spins. From the second level, players receive all of the above, up to 30% insurance on weekly and monthly deposits, and many other benefits, including accumulating comp points against deposits made. The greater the number of comp points a player earns, the more fun he has and the more benefits he receives. There are six levels in the VIP Club; at each level, players receive more benefits and higher rewards. In addition, players reaching the top two levels receive help and advice from personal VIP managers who can guide the player through the extra bonuses and offer advice and unique options for the high-level players. At Digits 7 Casino, the more a player invests in the Casino, the more he can receive in return through the VIP Club, and the higher status he receives with more options, more value for each deposit made, and more benefits and reasons to keep playing and enjoying this delightful Casino.