Giant Fortunes Slots

You'd expect to see a giant in this game, but it turns out that Giant Fortunes is so called for another reason - and arguably a much better one. We loaded the game to check it out, and we are back to give you a few hints about what you can expect to see. Let's head for the village in the game to find out more.

How many reels and lines are involved?

There are five reels here, bringing room to include 25 lines. You do need to play them all.

Do those fixed lines mean bigger wagers to play with?

No, the smallest is 25 cents, so that equates to one penny per line - a decent sum to play with.

Does the giant turn up on the reels in Giant Fortunes?

He does, and he appears as the wild, too. He can land on reels two through four. He'll replace most other icons seen in the slot, except for the gem. This is known as the mystery icon…

Are you curious about the mystery gem in Giant Fortunes?

We were too, and it turns out that whenever you see one or more of them in a spin, they change into the same symbol. Hence why we like to see plenty of them! If there are enough in the right positions to award one or more prizes, you'll get those before continuing the game.

However, if gems land on reels two, three, and four, you will receive five bonus spins. The gems can only appear on the middle reels in these, but they will land there as a giant symbol. So, while you only get five spins, those spins do hold lots of potential.

There are some surprises in store in Giant Fortunes

It often feels like many slots are just like many others, with few differences on the inside. That's not true of Giant Fortunes, where it felt like we were truly playing something different. With a demo all set to try first, you can get a better sense of what is going on. Are you all set to meet the giant and go in search of some gems?